Configure Security Zones in Windows 7

Before you start

Objectives: Learn where you can configure settings which will be used by Internet Explorer.

Prerequisites: you should be aware of different Internet Options available.

Key terms: security, internet, zone, sites, default, different, settings, configure, level, intranet

Zone Configuration

To configure Internet Options we will go to the Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options. The security settings applied to website depend on the corresponding security zone the website is in. We can configure zones and security levels on the Security tab.

 Security Tab

Security Tab

The three default security levels are medium, medium-high and high. We can also use the “Custom level” button to change the default security level of each zone and their details. This includes ActiveX control behavior, scripting or user authentication settings.

Different zones will apply different security settings to websites that are in that zones. Local intranet zone contains sites that are found on our intranet, in our organization. IE can detect intranet sites automatically. We can also manually add websites to this zone. The default security level of the Local intranet sites zone is medium-low. To check default settings we can click on the Sites button.

 Local Intranet

Local Intranet

Restricted sites are potentially malicious and that can damage our computer. The default security level for restricted sites is high.

The Internet zone contains all websites that are not contained in the other three security zones. The default security level for the Internet zone is medium-high. Internet Explorer also has a new feature called Protected Mode. Protected mode will not allow infected IE to damage other parts of the Windows system. By default Protected Mode is enabled for sites in the Internet and Restricted sites zone.