The Benefits of Dell EqualLogic SAN Storage

The Dell EqualLogic line of iSCSI storage area networks (SAN storage) arrays gives businesses the ability to do more with less. These arrays are one of the best in their class for flexible, high-capacity storage for demand processes and are a perfect fit for small to mid-sized businesses. With Dell EqualLogic, SMBs can now manage … Read more

Common Active Directory Objects

In Active Directory domains we have active directory objects. In this article we will mention basic objects, the ones we’ll probably work with on a day-to-day basis, but there are more of them. We already talked about Active Directory structure, but here we talk about objects. User User account is what allows ur to log on to the … Read more

Active Directory Structure

The base unit of Active Directory is a domain. Let’s say that we want to create a domain and set up our first domain controller (DC). Once we do that, we have an active directory infrastructure with our single domain controller. We can then add other domain controllers and other components of active directory, but we … Read more

Active Directory Advantages

Active Directory can really simplify our life, compared to other network systems. Let’s say that we have our regular computer that we log on to and we have to memorize our username and password for that computer. Maybe we also have a database server which we have to access as well, which has a totally … Read more

Setting Up Windows Server 2012 Core Installation

Before you start Objectives: Learn commands which are used to configure Windows Server 2012 machines from the command line. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: Windows Server 2012 Core, configuration, command line, powershell, initial configuration  Server Core As you should know, to configure server core we will mostly use PowerShell or CMD. In PowerShell we can use most commands … Read more

Minimal Server Interface in Windows Server 2012

Before you start Objectives: Learn how to configure Minimal Server Interface using Server Manager or using PowerShell. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: User Interface, PowerShell, Server Manager, Minimal Server Interface, Windows Server 2012  What is Minimal Server Interface The purpose of Minimal Server Interface is to reduce the footprint of the server. It reduces the size of the … Read more

Features on Demand in Windows Server 2012

Before you start Objectives: Learn how to uninstall features and how to completely remove feature payload from the disk in Windows Server 2012. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: binaries, features, removal, payload, uninstall, Server 2012.  What is Features on Demand In previous versions of Windows Server, when we installed the system, all the binaries from all the features … Read more

Switching Between Core and Full Installation in Windows Server 2012

Before you start Objectives: Learn how to switch from Core to full Windows Server 2012 installation, and vice versa, using PowerShell and Server Manager. Prerequisites: no prerequisites. Key terms: Core, Full, installation, switching, mode, PowerShell.  Switching from Core to Full Installation There are several tools which can be used to switch from Core to Full Windows Server 2012 … Read more