Top 5 Hardest Video Game Genres to Develop In 2024

Video games provide an immersive experience to players who love to indulge in online fights, sports, or survival games. These games are highly popular, but developing newer games that can excite and engage the audience at the same time is quite a challenge.

Games, be it video games or those played at an online casino, are entertaining, and if you want to bet on an online game, you can go to But if you are keen to learn about computer-based games and the challenges in developing those games, read this blog post.

Developing Games And Its Challenges

Developing a game

Developing a game is quite difficult, and it takes several months to develop an innovative game that captures the imagination of the players. There are several steps in game development, such as deciding the programming language in which the basic code for the game will be written.

Then, there is network programming, game designing, audio designing, quality assurance, and much more that goes into developing each game. Survival games, multiplayer games, and action-adventure games are some of the most popular genres, yet developing them is quite difficult, and these difficulties are discussed below.

1. Survival Games

These are fun-filled and engaging games where the main player, who is also the protagonist, survives in a tough and often life-threatening situation. The main player may have to fight zombies on an isolated island and aliens on another planet in order to survive. Now, developing such games needs the right game loops. These loops are repeated commands that get repeated by the player.

So actions, like spot the target, leap, and then survive, is a simple loop, and these three actions (spot, leap, and surviving) keep getting repeated all through the game. In survival games, the usual pattern of loops involves a difficult task loop. This is followed by a mildly challenging task loop, then an easy task, followed by a more easy task, and finally, the most difficult task, which makes him win or lose the game.

So, the difficult or the first loop may involve surviving on the bare minimum resources (food, water), and the mildly challenging loop may involve tasks that help the player avoid zombies. The easy task may include basic actions like finding an axe for cutting trees, and a more easy task could be something as simple as building a house.

Finally, the last loop has to be the most difficult and may involve extreme challenges like fighting a strong variant of the zombies who can kill the player easily. Now, creating so many loops and innovating these loops with every game is tough, and most developers spend a lot of time mastering these game loops.

2. Role Play Games

Develop role play games

These games involve role-play in which the main player assumes another character and interacts with different aspects of the gaming world. The famous dungeons and dragons are in one such game that involves role-play.

Now, these games require a gripping story, and writing a gripping narrative and implementing the same is not easy. Moreover, these games require top-notch graphics.

Also, there has to be perfect coordination between the audio team, the graphics team, etc, so that the story remains engaging all through.

Moreover, these games involve the use of artificial intelligence to develop adversity or the enemy character, and using artificial intelligence requires large amounts of data and also brings in challenges of data breaches or misuse. All these factors also increase the cost of development.

3. Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games

As the name suggests, multiplayer games involve three or more players. These games are quite popular and are loved by the young audience because they allow interacting/socializing with a lot of other people.

Games that mimic the Royal Rumble or even those sports-based games that mimic football matches or cricket matches can be multiplayer. The biggest challenge with such themes is that of scalability.

As more players get added to these games, the latency of the network may increase. If the latency increases, the players will lose interest in the game and may eventually drop out.

Also, this genre is becoming very popular, but with increasing popularity, developers are finding it difficult to maintain a balance between maintaining the interest level and increasing the ease of playing. So, if the steps are made more difficult, the game becomes interesting, but it may discourage new players from advancing in the game.

4. Action-Based Games Or Gun Battles

The major problem with gun battles or action-oriented games is devising the right game loops. Now, in a typical gun battle, the loop should be aimed, firing the gun, advancing to the next level, and then repeating.

The game loops are more or less similar in all these games, and making them more interesting is quite difficult.

5. Sports-Based Games

In this type of game, getting a permit from the original owners of the game franchise is a challenge.

Also, each sport has its own rules, fan base, and culture. So, a developer cannot use a prototype developed for a football game to design a cricket game; he has to start from scratch. Thus, developing these games is quite time-consuming.

Final Words

It can be said that developing a new video game or innovating an already existing game takes a lot of effort. A developer faces many challenges, from deciding which language to develop the code to deciding which language to use.

In most cases, Java or C++ is the language of choice. Apart from that, the developers have to pay attention to the game loops so that the different levels or steps in the game are interesting and easy to understand.

Moreover, dealing with new technology like artificial intelligence and virtual reality brings its own set of challenges. So, if you are a new developer, start writing codes for simple games and then increase the level of difficulty. For example, start with basic survival games or a basic role-play game and not complex 3D survival games.