User Rights and Group Policy in XP

Before you start

Objectives: learn how can you configure user rights trough Group Policy editor.

Prerequisites: you should know what is Group Policy.

Key terms: policy, user, group, rights, assignment, editor, security

User Rights Assignment

We can open GP editor through Run menu by typing in gpedit.msc and clicking on the OK button. This opens Group Policy editor for local computer. Next, we have to navigate to the Computer Configuration, Windows Settings, Security Settings, Local Policies, and then User Rights Assignment.

User Rights Assignment Section

Image 183.1 – User Rights Assignment Section

Let’s find and open the ‘Change the system time’ policy. Notice that Administrators and Power Users can currently change time on the system.

Change the system time Policy

Image 183.2 – Change the system time Policy

Let’s remove the Power Users from this list, so that only administrators can change the system time. Let’s add Power Users the right to Debug programs. We will open ‘Debug programs’ policy, click ‘Add User or Group…’ button, and look for the Power Users group. Before we can reach groups, we have to select Groups option in the Object Types section.

Object Types

Image 183.3 – Object Types

When we are finished, we can click on the OK button to exit this policy. Power Users will now be able to debug programs.

As you can see, we have a lot of options for setting up user rights. Remember that we can do this for any user or group that we create.