Microsoft Management Console

Before you start

Objectives: learn what is Microsoft Management Console.

Prerequisites: no prerequisites.

Key terms: microsoft management console, MMC description, MMC definition

About Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

The MMC is a customizable shell that lets us add or remove management components called Snap-ins. Snap-ins are programs that we can add to the Management Console to manage a part of our computer. Without a Snap-in, Console is useless. Console can host single or multiple Snap-ins. When working with MMC we will probably use predefined consoles. One of the most used predefined console is Computer Management console, which contains snap-ins like Event Viewer, Disk Management, Reliability Monitor, Device Manager, etc. To open MMC just type in the ‘mmc’ in Run menu in XP, or in search menu in Vista and Windows 7.

MMC in Different Windows Versions

We have separate articles describing MMC in XP, or MMC in Vista.


The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) provides centralized and common interface for completing system management tasks.