Send a Fax in XP

Before you start

Objectives: learn how to send a fax in XP.

Prerequisites: you have to have a fax device installed on your computer. Also, you have to have fax services enabled.

Key terms: send, print, console, cover, create, page, device, document, wizard, file, manage


In our example we will fax a simple text document.

Sample Text

Image 261.1 – Sample Text

To send a fax simply click on the the print button or go to the File menu and select Print. The print menu will appear. Instead of printing to the ordinary printer, we will send our text to the Fax.

Select Fax

Image 261.2 – Fax Selected

When we click the Print button a Send Fax Wizard will open. Click Next to continue.

Send Fax Wizard

Image 261.3 – Fax Wizard

We need to enter recipient info. In our case, we will send fax to Kim Verson. We will also check the “Use dialing rules” option because Kim lives in a different area code. Click Next to continue.

Recipient Info

Image 261.4 – Recipient Info

Now we can create a cover page. We will check the “Select a cover page template…” option. From the drop-down list we will select Generic template. We can also create our own templates. We will also add a subject line.

Cover Page Prepared

Image 261.5 – Cover Page

We can choose when to send our fax. It can be right away, or when discount rates apply or at specific time in the next 24 hours. We will send our fax now. Click Next to continue.


Image 261.6 – Choose When to Send

We can preview our fax before we send it. Click Finish to send fax.

Completing the Wizard

Image 261.7 – Completing the Wizard

To check the status of our sent fax, go to the Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Fax > Fax Console. As we can see in our example, we have a pending fax in our Outbox.


Image 261.8 – Outbox


To send a fax we have to select to print our document, but then instead of choosing printer, we have to choose a fax device. We can manage fax documents using the Fax Console.

Paths that are mentioned in this article
  • Start > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Fax > Fax Console – path to the Fax Console which is used to manage faxing in XP